We have a stable, family business with more than 50 years of developing people and advancing individuals within the company. Employees are coached to become more effective in their roles strategically, culturally and through performance.

Continuous Improvement

The continuous improvement culture at VPT is one of the core systems that defines how we engage with team members and constantly seek improvement. VPT values and actively seeks out team input and ideas to help all facets of the business from product quality and delivery to community engagement. Our team members have made significant advancements through these initiatives.

Continuous Improvement 2017 - 2021


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Implemented Safety Suggestions


2021 Participation Rate

Opportunity for Success

We want good people in every job. From Sales and Accounting to Production, Quality and Order preparation, we have career paths for everyone. Every individual is given training throughout their department. We recognize the value of cross training and it’s positive outcomes it has for each employee and the company.

What it is like Working at VPT

"I feel I contribute to the camaraderie of our department. I always say 'Hello' to every coworker everyday and see how they are doing or if they need anything. Everyone is treated with respect and equality."

Connor Laroche

MTO Ring Gage Lead


"Every person in my department is knowledgeable in different areas. I like that when the need arises, we can depend on each other."

Jenni Kenyon

Inside Sales Associate - 2022 CIS Genius

"I take pride in what I do because I like watching the company grow and excel. It's nice to know I am part of that."

Josh Thomas

Maintenance Technician - 2021 Employee of the Year

"As a woman running equipment on the manufacturing floor, I feel I can be an inspiration to other women considering this type of work."

Erica Fregeau

MVS Machine Operator - 2021 Rookie of the Year

Erica - MVS Stepping

"With my 30 years of experience, I enjoy sharing my experience with new operators and seeing their growth and success. I often train people to be better than I am - and I'm good with that!"

Victoria Harriman

MTO Machine Operator

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